Parish Councillors Required



Wanted – Four new Parish Councillors for Quainton. Can you help?

Why? – The new Parish Council takes office on 10th May. Only three councillors were returned and we need to co-opt four others to bring the Council up to its normal size.

Sort of things we get involved in

What we do

What we have done

1. Planning

· Neighbourhood Plan which aims to keep the look and feel of the village the way the village wants it

· Commenting on Planning Applications

· Managing unwanted development,

· Promoting consensus

2. Village Life

· Supporting Quainton Fireworks display

· Bringing the Post Office back to Quainton

3. Activities

· Building and maintaining the Skate Park and Children’s Play ground

· Supporting local sports clubs and local businesses

· Developing a Quainton PC web page

· Appointing nominees to Quainton local charities

· Implementing Emergency Plan and supporting local people during Covid

· Liaison with Bucks council and Police and reviewing their plans and policies

4. Infra structure

· Upgrading and maintaining all lighting in the village

· Managing grass, hedge cutting and litter collection

· The Green

· Managing the allotments

· Wild life gardens and the local natural environment

5. County Issues

· HS2 - Communicating plans, putting across parishioner’s views

· Liaising with Transport for Bucks on local roads and Speed watch

· Others - East West Rail, Incinerator and Mineral Waste Plan

What do I need to do?

If you could make a difference or add something new to Quainton Parish we invite you to apply for Quainton Parish Council! You would have to get involved, gather opinions from your peers, deliver improvement and work as a team

Who do I need to apply to?

The parish clerk, email:

telephone 01296 651354