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Our one and only local pub the George and Dragon in Quainton is up for sale.

With the support of the Parish Council, a small Steering Group has been formed (following the Right to Bid Meeting) to explore the possibility of community ownership. This would only be as a last resort, and only if no suitable commercial buyer, that can preserve our pub offering all the services that we have enjoyed in the past, can be found.

The aim is to keep the George and Dragon as a key part of our community, with no major changes, with regular hours and, we hope, with regular food!

We are exploring various business models – but in essence members of the community could buy shares and own a stake in the future of the George and Dragon (which continues to be a successful commercial venture). However, professionals would likely be hired to manage the day-to-day operations of the pub.

This kind of venture has been successfully achieved in many other communities all over the UK. There are currently 40 co-operative pubs in the UK

We recognise you are already a key part of the village, and as such we think you could be a key stakeholder. Perhaps there are particular questions you have or issues or opportunities you’d like to discuss Also, please let us know if you would like regular updates by email.

To contact the action group or subscribe to updates email    pub.info@quainton.org.uk